Sports Massage

Do you workout regularly or are you a professional athlete?

Sports Massage is an excellent choice for individuals who engage in regular workouts or are professional athletes. Whether you’re an avid fitness enthusiast or a dedicated sports professional, this specialized treatment is designed to address and prevent sports and exercise-related injuries, aches, and pains.

This massage will be performed in the areas prone to injure or tension if you are a professional or amateur athlete or a regular gym goer.

Benefits of Sports massage

This massage will decrease tension and get rid of knots caused by exercise.

It can be used before a sports event, during, or after and even for rehabilitation.

It can increase joint motion and flexibility.

Promotes relief and better sleep.


  • 30 minutes: £35
  • 50 minutes: £55
  • 90 minutes: £85

* 30 minutes are suggested for regular maintenance of specific areas.

Please check with your GP if you have any concerns before undergoing any treatment.

Key Features:

  • Injury Prevention: Sports Massage is instrumental in preventing injuries by targeting specific muscle groups, improving flexibility, and enhancing overall muscle function.
  • Recovery Support: After intense physical activity, this massage aids in reducing muscle soreness and promoting faster recovery, allowing you to get back to your training routine more quickly.
  • Improved Performance: By addressing muscle tightness and enhancing flexibility, Sports Massage can contribute to improved athletic performance, helping you reach your fitness goals.
  • Pain Relief: It effectively targets areas of discomfort, providing relief from muscle pain and tension associated with rigorous physical activity.

Whether you’re a regular gym-goer, participate in competitive sports, or simply lead an active lifestyle, Sports Massage can be a valuable addition to your routine. It’s a tailored approach to support your body’s needs, ensuring you stay at the top of your game.

Overall, sports massage is not just for elite athletes; it’s beneficial for anyone who engages in regular physical activity, from weekend warriors to fitness enthusiasts. It is an integral part of many athletes’ training routines and can contribute to improved performance, reduced risk of injury, and enhanced overall well-being.