Chair Massage

Restore your natural balance

Chair massage, also known as seated massage or on-site massage, is a style of massage that is typically performed in a specially designed portable massage chair. This chair allows individuals to receive a massage while fully clothed and seated comfortably. Chair massage is often used in various settings, including offices, events, airports, and public spaces, making it a convenient and accessible form of massage therapy.


Chair massage is a popular choice for those who may not have the time for a full-length massage or prefer a more convenient and accessible option. It’s a versatile form of massage that brings relaxation and relief to individuals in diverse settings.

chair massage for special events

Indulge in the relaxation of chair massage, a perfect addition to special events such as corporate onsite massage and pamper parties.

Key Details:

  • Availability: Exclusive to special events, bringing relaxation directly to your location.
  • Minimum Booking: Enjoy a minimum booking of 2 hours to ensure a comprehensive and indulgent experience.
  • Price: £70 per hour per therapist.
  • Flexible Options: Sessions can be customized to your preference, with the option to divide the hours into convenient 10, 20, or 30-minute treatments.

Why Chair Massage?

  • Convenient: No need to disrobe; enjoy the massage fully clothed.
  • On-the-Go Relaxation: Perfect for busy schedules and events where time is of the essence.
  • Stress Reduction: Experience immediate stress relief through focused techniques on key areas.

Make your event special

Elevate your corporate onsite massage or pamper party with the rejuvenating touch of chair massage. M-braced skilled therapists bring the relaxation directly to you, ensuring your event is not only memorable but also a moment of well-deserved indulgence.

Invest in Well-being

At £70 per hour per therapist, with a minimum booking of 2 hours, chair massage offers a cost-effective and accessible way to invest in the well-being of your team or event attendees. Treat them to a unique and relaxing experience that leaves a lasting impression.

For booking inquiries or to discuss the specifics of your event, feel free to contact M-braced. Let chair massage be the highlight of your special occasion!

Key features:

  • Portable Massage Chair: The massage is performed on a compact, ergonomic chair that provides support for the head, chest, arms, and knees. The design allows individuals to sit comfortably in a forward-leaning position.
  • Clothes On: Unlike traditional table massages, chair massage is done with the client fully clothed. This makes it convenient for quick sessions without the need for changing or disrobing.
  • Focus on Upper Body: Chair massage typically focuses on the upper body, including the back, neck, shoulders, arms, and hands. The massage therapist uses various techniques, such as kneading, compression, and percussion, to address tension and promote relaxation.
  • Short Duration: Chair massage sessions are usually shorter than traditional table massages, ranging from 10 to 30 minutes. This makes it suitable for busy schedules and on-the-go relaxation.
  • Accessibility: The portable nature of the chair makes on-site massage accessible in various environments, bringing the benefits of massage to workplaces, events, and public spaces.
  • Stress Reduction: Chair massage is often used as a quick and effective method for stress reduction. The focused techniques applied to key areas of tension can provide immediate relief.