Hopi ear candles + Face and Head Massage

Also known as Thermo-auricular therapy, this is a great remedy for ear, sinus and head problems and even better combined with a face and head massage

Each candle is a cone around 8 inches in length, made of cotton fabric and covered in bees’ wax.

Once the patient is lying down on his/her side with the head supported on a pillow (so the auditory canal is vertical), the candle is introduced in the ear only a few millimetres and lit up. The heat helps to soften any wax accumulated inside the ear and as the candle burns slowly. The column of warm air rising in the candle is said to massage the ear drum while pressure in the sinus cavities and ears is equalised.

There is a popular belief that ear candling will drag out any ear wax excess, found at the bottom of the candle unwrapping the last piece of fabric left. The remaining wax is from the candle itself, not the ear.

Benefits of Hopi ear candles

  • Helps with ear problems
  • Diminishes ear inflammation and sinuses
  • Soothes tinnitus
  • Reduces tension and stress
  • Alleviates flu and cold symptoms
  • Fights headaches and migraines
  • Soothes allergies
  • Regulates pressure of flying and diving
  • Improves balance and helps prevent vertigo


  • 40 minutes: £40

NOTE: Hopi ear candles should not be used if there is any inflammation or infection in the ear and are not suitable for people who have had recent ear surgery or those with ear grommets or tubes, perforated ear drums or allergies to any of the products in the candle.

Please check with your GP if you have any concerns before undergoing any treatment.