M-braced consultation form

Please fill in the following consultation form before having your first treatment or if your medical conditions have changed since the last time you filled it in

Consultation Form

Before receiving a complementary therapy from M-braced for the first time, all clients must complete this consultation form. No therapies can be given unless the consultation form is completed, even if the client is, or believes themselves to be in good health.

The primary purpose of completing this form is to enable M-braced to identify whether the client has any medical conditions which could mean that a given complementary therapy is not suitable for them.

Responsibility for ensuring that the client is medically fit to undergo a complementary therapy rests entirely with the client, who must seek and act on medical advice in the event of any doubt. M-braced cannot be held responsible for the consequences of any failure by the client to act on this requirement.

Please be assured that having any of the following conditions does not automatically mean that a complementary therapy will not be available.

(If the client is aged under 18 years, a parent or guardian must complete this form with the client)

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