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Complementary Therapies

Based in Stretford, South Manchester, UK

Feel the M-brace!

I’m Mayra, and at M-braced, I’m thrilled to offer you a haven of personalised, Complementary Therapies and Beauty treatments, specialising in Foot Reflexology and massage.

It’s about creating a space where you can reconnect with yourself, lift your spirits, and simply relax…

I provide high quality service serving clients across South Manchester, Stretford, Chorlton, Sale, Trafford, Stockport and Altrincham.

Imagine a world where you can let go of life’s daily stresses, where tensions, aches, and mental strains can find their way out. That’s the essence of M-braced—it’s your escape to unwind, refocus, and rediscover your best self.

A Symphony of Therapies

Your well-being is a symphony, and I offer a range of therapies to harmonise your mind and body:

Foot Reflexology​

A unique journey to unwind and rejuvenate, a balm for the soul. It goes beyond a treatment, guiding you to soothe both your mind and body.

Those often-neglected feet hold the stories of your day, absorbing the wear and tear of life’s demands. Through reflexology, we pinpoint stress points, offering relief and promoting overall well-being.


Tailored to release the grip of anxiety and stress, promoting deep relaxation. Choose from:

• Sports Massage: Targets specific muscle groups, providing relief from tension.

• Deep Tissue Massage: Intense pressure to dissolve chronic muscle tension.

• Aromatherapy Massage: Immerse yourself in calming scents to ease worries.

• Swedish Massage: Gentle strokes to induce relaxation.

• Nails and Beauty Treatments: Enhance your outer beauty to soothe inner worries.

Pamper Parties, Special Events, and Corporate Onsite Chair Massage

Elevate your celebrations with M-braced pamper parties, adding a touch of luxury and relaxation to your special moments. Additionally, experience the tranquility of M-braced in your workplace with our corporate onsite chair massages, offering relief from the strains of daily work life.

The M-braced Experience

Life is demanding, and I’m here to help you carve out moments just for you. Picture worries melting away, anxieties dissipating, and stress gently fading. It’s your time — time to breathe, time to let go, and time to embrace the unique experience of M-braced.

Looking forward to being a part of your wellness journey.

Warm regards,


Find the right treatment for you

Everyone is different, so all treatments are personalised to your needs.



Full Body / Back, Neck and Shoulders

Deep Tissue

Full Body / Back, Neck and Shoulders


For enhanced performance and recovery


Full Body / Back, Neck and Shoulders

Hopi ear candles

+ Face & Head Massage

with essential oils

Relaxing Facial

Face cleansing, exfoliating,

soothing mask + facial massage


Shape, buff and polish

Manicure & Pedicure

Shape, buff, foot soak, cuticle tidying


with M-braced vouchers

I offer gift vouchers from £10 upwards, which can be redeemed in full, or used to top up a payment. Vouchers are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. A personalised printable gift voucher will be sent to you via email or, if you prefer, to a person of your choice.

M-braced voucher - best gift ever!

Best gift ever!

Feel amazing – treat your loved ones to a special day and feel great into the bargain!

Mayra - M-Braced Therapist reflexology aromatherapy sports deep tissue massage pamper parties corporate event south manchester stretford www.m-braced.co.uk manicure pedicure nails

I’m Mayra, a licensed therapist based in Sale, Manchester and I’m here to guide you to an M-braced world

I have treated hundreds of clients with excellent results…

Reviews from some of M-braced clients

Kim Lewis
7 May 2024
M is a highly skilled therapist, offering beautiful treatments, tailored to your preference.
Beauty Manchester
28 November 2023
The massage itself was nothing short of extraordinary. My therapist Mayra displayed a remarkable level of skill and expertise, utilizing various techniques to relieve tension and foster deep relaxation. The pressure applied was perfect, and their intuitive touch seemed to melt away my stress and worries.Thank you Mbraced 😊
sandy do
21 November 2023
I've had several treatments from M-Braced and she continuesly does a faultless job. Her massages are amazing and just what I need. Thank you for always being so professional and caring!
Francisco Li
20 September 2023
Had a full body massage and she really helped with my upper back problems. I felt relaxed through the whole session and she always made sure I was comfort with the pressure being used.
Niv Sujilovekuri
20 September 2023
Mayra has been amazing. I'm 26 weeks pregnant and she did a good reflexology massage and back. I feel relieved. Thank you so much!
Giuseppina Montagna
12 September 2023
Mayra is just amazing I can’t recommend her enough. I’ve been to her couple times for nails and reflexology and I always had the best experiences. HIGHLY RECOMMEND. x
Pabhel Ahmed Ahmed
9 September 2023
Very nice and clean
Vicky AM
29 August 2023
Amazing, I had reflexology with her and she made me feel very welcome, relaxed and truly inspired after the session. She also went out of the way to delivery one of her amazing eye pillows. Highly recommended to anyone needing some time to relax!
Dave Walker
23 July 2023
Absolutely fantastic, Came here with frozen shoulder, very limited movement. The very same session could put my arm above my head and behind my back. Absolutely fantastic Thank you soo much, highly recommended
Gail Curran
13 April 2023
I had a full set of gel nails done today by Mayra. She is really knowledgeable and uses high quality products, which is something I always look for when choosing where to have my nails done. Mayra took great care to fully prep my nails and she paid attention to my whole hand, which was much appreciated. She was very professional in her application and made me feel very welcome. I will definitely be back. Thank you Mayra.

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